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Your Company and Pensions - UK Pension Schemes

Your Company and Pensions - UK Pension Schemes
Published:  22 Feb at 6 PM
As you will have read in these articles, make sufficient provisions for retirement is vital to having a comfortable retirement. Whether you need a pension for yourself, or are looking to introduce a pension scheme for your employees, this guide will help you understand more about choosing a pension scheme. It examines how a pension scheme can be tailored to meet your needs. It looks at occupational schemes, those designed for individuals and stakeholder schemes, as well as those for executives and directors. It will discuss the comparative benefits to the employer and employee of each and advise you on how to choose a pension provider.

Pension legislation and regulation is complicated and further changes will be coming into force as a result of the Pensions Act 2008, so it may be worthwhile obtaining professional advice.

Your situation, and that of your employees, will change all the time. It is a good idea to review their pension needs regularly and monitor the fund to make sure it is giving good returns.

If you have any complaints about how the overall scheme is run, your first point of contact will vary depending on the type of scheme you have. If the scheme is final-salary or money-purchase, you should contact the trustees, or if you have concerns about the trustees, speak to the Pensions Regulator.

This leads us neatly onto another reason for using an Independent Financial Adviser. In addition to making the right choice of pension product, you also then need to ensure you choose the right pension provider so it can be somewhat of a minefield. It’s difficult finding your way round this minefield but with the right guidance you can accurately select the right one and this often comes in the form of an Independent Financial Adviser. They can often provide you with advice on which is the best option and in many cases come up with a tailor made plan.

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