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Sun 24 Sep 2017 14:57 GMT
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Clegg wants wealthy pensioners to lose benefits

Clegg wants wealthy pensioners to lose benefits
Published:  17 Jun at 9 AM
Nick Clegg has repeated his call for benefits to be taken away from rich pensioners. The deputy Prime Minister wants benefits including free bus passes and the winter fuel allowance to be taken away from the wealthy. He also wants to deny the winter fuel allowance to pensioners living in a warmer climate abroad.

The Department for Work and Pensions recently said the payments would be guaranteed even though Iain Duncan Smith has proposed that there should be a temperature test introduced for pensioners living in countries like Spain and Italy.

Mr Clegg said there should be a debate but that the Conservatives were not interested. He added that there needed to be more welfare reform and that it was not fair to expect tax payers on low incomes to pay a rich retiree’s fuel allowance.

Earlier this month the Labour Party said it will take the winter fuel allowance away from wealthy pensioners if it is voted in at the next general election. Ed Balls, shadow chancellor, said he planned to include pensions in his welfare-cap proposals.

David Cameron has already said that pensioners will continue to receive their benefits at least until the election. A spokesman for Downing Street confirmed that there would be no changes to the current rules.