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Sun 24 Sep 2017 15:04 GMT
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Police could have pensions docked for inappropriate behaviour

Police could have pensions docked for inappropriate behaviour
Published:  1 Jul at 11 AM
The Home Affairs Select Committee has produced a report in which it suggests docking the pensions of police officers who are guilty of committing serious misconduct. The group of MPs has also called for a code of ethics to be introduced for all officers.

However, the Police Federation has said that although police integrity is paramount it is not convinced that a difference will be made by introducing a new ethics code.

The MPs have recommended that a system of fines should be introduced that would be taken from officer’s pensions in the most serious cases of misconduct. A police officer talking to the committee said that the risk of losing a pension would encourage officers to keep their noses clean.

The committee said it knew of a number of cases where police officers had retired out of the force in order to avoid discipline. Although such resignations cannot currently be prevented the government said that in future it would like to see all disciplinary hearings seen to conclusion even if the officer being investigated decides to retire.

Keith Vaz, committee chairman and Labour MP, said a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing should be required for all police officers. He added that this would be similar to the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors.